Anne-Marie im Neuland, Drawings

Two of 16 drawings, 2014, epson ultra chrome Inkjet print on velvet fine art paper, 29.8 x 20.9 cm

Another aspect in my work and part of my installation is the interpretation of images. Photographs are not objective. Automatically, one projects his/her own knowledge and emotions into a photograph, which in turn was taken by an individual. With the drawings, I provide a space for my subjective perception. Thus, immediacy and incompleteness of the drawings are placed into direct comparison to the photographs. Here, I am not talking about drawings created by a pen or pencil, but rather about photographed adhoc-installations.


Abfotografierte Materialexperimente mit einem  von Anne-Marie von Wolff gestickten Mädchen-Kleid, einem Weidenstöckchen, Schnur und Nagel.